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Piggy Bank


North Westerly



Left Hander



Oscar Guiss Filho

“Perched between the famed Bankvaults and Nipussi, Piggy Bank is a proving ground for seasoned surfers wanting to get away from the pack. There’s often empty tubes going unridden!”

“This hollow gem demands respect as it unfurls over a shallow reef, offering a pulse-pounding ride I’ve tackled more than a few times. It’s not a wave that entertains beginners; it’s a slab that’s as perfect as it is perilous.​”

“When Piggy Bank is on, it’s an adrenaline-infused theatre of surfing, delivering short, deep barrels that almost always culminate in a thunderous applause of spit from the wave. Timing and expertise are key here – catch it right, and you’re in for a visceral reminder of why we surf.”

Oscar Guiss Filho – Playground Surf Resort Owner

Playground Surf Resort - Wave Map

5. Piggy Bank



Keep an eye on Bank Vaults and Nipussi. When they’re showing a bit of life, Piggy Bank is likely churning out its own treasure trove of waves.



The ideal breath for Piggy Bank comes from the North-Northwest. Any deviation from offshore conditions, and the wave loses its charm – it’s all about that clean, offshore wind to make it worthwhile.



A mid to high tide is your window into Piggy Bank’s glory. It’s when this slab transforms into something surfable, something unforgettable.



Just a glance away from Nipussi towards Bank Vaults, and there it lies – a short paddle will deliver you into its realm.



A brief boat journey from our resort on the same Pulau Masokut, Piggy Bank is a thrilling escapade just moments away from your home base here at Playground Surf Resort.

Tips from Oscar Guiss Filho, Playground Surf Resort

"I spent 8 days here with an awesome crew of friends and the outstanding coaching support of Margaret River High Performance Centre. The resort is simply stunning; the welcome from Donny and his tribe of cooks, photographers and boat crew goes well beyond anything I've experienced before. Such a great, happy, welcoming group of people. And the waves... OMG, these are world class and there are options for all levels. At least 20 surf breaks on your doorstep and local knowledge ensures that you hit the right ones according to winds, tide and swell. I'll never forget my time at Playgrounds and the wonderful people with whom I shared this experience!"

Jon Evans - July 2023

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