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Left Hander



“Hideaways is a long, powerful left-hander that delivers those perfect left-hand tubes I’ve always dreamed of.”

“Let me share my passion for Hideaways, a wave that has me hooked and keeps me coming back for more. It’s a long, powerful left-hander that delivers those perfect left-hand tubes I’ve always dreamed of. But that’s not all. Hideaways also offers those incredibly rippable sections on a single wave.”

“I love surfing Hideaways on a mid-tide. That’s when I find the best barrels and the steeper wave faces that are perfect for carving and chasing tubes. High tide, on the other hand, brings its own charm with more opportunities for turns. The underwater world at Hideaways is nothing short of spectacular. When I’m sitting, waiting for a set, it’s easy to get lost gazing into the super clear waters, surrounded by colorful fish darting about. It’s a mesmerizing sight that makes every surf at Hideaways an unforgettable experience for me. It’s easy to lose track of time at Hideaways, and I’ve done it many times before. As the tide gets low, it can get pretty shallow, and that living reef beneath is as sharp as it gets. But don’t let that deter you because at Playground Surf Resort, our surf guides are all over it and will ensure I’m catching waves at the best times.”

Jarrad Davies – Playground Surf Resort Owner

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6. Hideaways



Hideaways lights up with epic southwest double overhead swells. It’s a thrilling ride you won’t forget!



For the best waves, we love those south to southeast trade winds! They’re the secret sauce to Hideaways’ awesomeness.



Mid to high tide is when the magic happens at Hideaways. Get ready for some epic surf sessions on that pushing tide!



Hideaways is our hidden gem, just north of Kandui Island on Mainu Island. This location is shear paradise.



Just a few minutes from our resort. Quick and easy access to surf heaven and this world-class surf break!

Tips from Jarrad Davies, Playground Surf Resort

"I spent 8 days here with an awesome crew of friends and the outstanding coaching support of Margaret River High Performance Centre. The resort is simply stunning; the welcome from Donny and his tribe of cooks, photographers and boat crew goes well beyond anything I've experienced before. Such a great, happy, welcoming group of people. And the waves... OMG, these are world class and there are options for all levels. At least 20 surf breaks on your doorstep and local knowledge ensures that you hit the right ones according to winds, tide and swell. I'll never forget my time at Playgrounds and the wonderful people with whom I shared this experience!"

Jon Evans - July 2023

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