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Good Times





Left Hander



“Goodtime is a name that speaks for itself – it’s the epitome of surfing pleasure, a wave that has something for surfers of every stripe.”

“It took me a while to appreciate Goodtime’s charm, as my heart once belonged solely to the high-performance thrills. But it’s this very wave that ignited my passion for Twin fins and funboards, making me realize that surfing’s joy isn’t just in the challenge, but in the sheer delight of the ride.”

“This playful left-hander unfurls with a generosity that’s hard to match, offering up sections for gleeful carving or just pure speed runs down the line. On Goodtime’s waves, you’re not just surfing; you’re starring in your own version of ‘The Endless Summer’ amidst a backdrop of breathtaking scenery. Whether you’re up for a mellow session or eager to hop on your novelty board, Goodtime is your go-to. With a cold drink in hand, lounging on the boat, you can watch your friends carve up the waves, each ride a celebration of surfing’s essence. And at low tide, don’t hang too far back; there’s a sweet spot that forms a nice bowl, offering a ride that’s both heartwarming and exhilarating.”

“Goodtime is where we’ve shared countless laughs, pulled off party waves, and crossed paths on the water with the best of friends. It’s where surfing transcends sport and becomes a festival of fun – and that, to me, is what it’s all about.”

Jarrad Davies – Playground Surf Resort Owner

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17. Good Times



Goodtime comes alive with a 3 to 4-foot swell and holds its playful character all the way up to 6 feet. It’s particularly fond of a south swell, which shapes its inviting contours.



A north wind brings out the best in Goodtime, smoothing the surface for those optimal rides.



While Goodtime is a joy at any tide, I have a soft spot for the low tide when it shapes a superb inside bowl, perfect for those seeking a more exhilarating curve to their surf.



Nestled on Siberut Island, Goodtime is just a stone’s throw away from our resort – a treasure right in our backyard.



A quick boat ride from our resort, and you’re there – poised at the edge of one of the most jovial waves the Mentawai has to offer.

Tips from Jarrad Davies, Playground Surf Resort

"I spent 8 days here with an awesome crew of friends and the outstanding coaching support of Margaret River High Performance Centre. The resort is simply stunning; the welcome from Donny and his tribe of cooks, photographers and boat crew goes well beyond anything I've experienced before. Such a great, happy, welcoming group of people. And the waves... OMG, these are world class and there are options for all levels. At least 20 surf breaks on your doorstep and local knowledge ensures that you hit the right ones according to winds, tide and swell. I'll never forget my time at Playgrounds and the wonderful people with whom I shared this experience!"

Jon Evans - July 2023

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