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A Frames


North Westerly



Left and Right

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Oscar Guiss Filho

“The whole experience of surfing A-Frames is something I truly cherish. The tiny islands we traverse to get there and the incredible blue hues of the water create the perfect picture of the Mentawai islands.”

“This wave offers a long left-hander that presents a multitude of opportunities, from barrels to turns and even air sessions. A-Frames has it all to offer. The right is more mellow and softer, not quite on par with the left. The reef is forgiving, lacking the sharpness found at other surf spots around the island.”

“I particularly love it when there’s a bit of size, around 4-6 feet. You can spot the sets coming all the way from Rifles, traveling through the channel between the islands. If you pay close attention, you’ll have the chance to paddle out and choose your ideal wave, as most people tend to be out of position. This spot boasts two main areas: one farther out at the point where the waves break a bit bigger, perfect for turns, and another on the inside where the wave gets a bit steeper and is more likely to barrel.”

“In addition to the epic surfing, A-Frames also offers a great opportunity for free diving. Explore the variety of reefs and encounter different fish, with depths reaching around 4-6 meters.”

Oscar Guiss Filho – Playground Surf Resort Owner

Playground Surf Resort - Wave Map

13. A Frames



A-Frames comes to life with a solid swell in the 4-6 feet range, offering a fantastic surfing experience.




Ideal conditions at A-Frames are achieved with North to Northwest winds, ensuring a memorable session.




A-Frames is best enjoyed during mid to high tide, although it’s a versatile spot that can be surfed in various tide conditions.




A-Frames is a picturesque surf spot on Karangmajat Island surrounded by beautiful blue waters and stunning islands.




A-Frames is a 15 to 20-minute boat ride from Playground Surf Resort , providing quick and easy access to this incredible wave.

Tips from Oscar Guiss Filho, Playground Surf Resort

"I spent 8 days here with an awesome crew of friends and the outstanding coaching support of Margaret River High Performance Centre. The resort is simply stunning; the welcome from Donny and his tribe of cooks, photographers and boat crew goes well beyond anything I've experienced before. Such a great, happy, welcoming group of people. And the waves... OMG, these are world class and there are options for all levels. At least 20 surf breaks on your doorstep and local knowledge ensures that you hit the right ones according to winds, tide and swell. I'll never forget my time at Playgrounds and the wonderful people with whom I shared this experience!"

Jon Evans - July 2023

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