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Gus Garcez
“Nestled on the remote island of North Pagai in the pristine Mentawai archipelago, Dogs Reef is a hidden gem conveniently situated just a 5-minute boat ride from the front yard of Playground Surf Resort.​”

“My favorite size for Dogs Reef is when it’s 3-5 feet. This left-hand reef is one of the most entertaining waves in the area. What makes it truly special is its incredible A-frame shape, with the left delivering perfect barrels and the right offering a more mellow rippable wave. It’s this unique combination that got me hooked from the very start.​”

“The real magic of Dogs Reef unfolds during the dry season, stretching from April to October. It’s during these months that the southwest swells converge with north winds, creating the ideal conditions for this reef break to turn it on.”

“As a surfer who treasures this spot deeply, I can’t wait for you to experience the magic yourself. Prepare to let Dogs Reef leave its mark on your surf trip.”

Gus Garcez – Playground Surf Resort Owner

Playground Surf Resort - Wave Map

16. Dog Reef



Dogs Reef comes alive with a south swell, ensuring the perfect conditions for an unforgettable ride.



The best wind conditions are North/Northwest winds, optimizing the overall quality of your surf session.



For Dogs Reef, high to mid tide is the sweet spot. However, be cautious, especially on the end section, to make the most of this incredible wave.



DOG’s Reef is located only 3-5 minutes from our resort. In fact, we can actually see the wave from our front veranda when it’s on, making it a convenient and visually stunning surf destination.



Prepare for a short 3-5 minute boat ride from our resort’s doorstep to immerse yourself in the captivating waves of Dogs Reef.

Tips from Gus Garcez, Playground Surf Resort

"I spent 8 days here with an awesome crew of friends and the outstanding coaching support of Margaret River High Performance Centre. The resort is simply stunning; the welcome from Donny and his tribe of cooks, photographers and boat crew goes well beyond anything I've experienced before. Such a great, happy, welcoming group of people. And the waves... OMG, these are world class and there are options for all levels. At least 20 surf breaks on your doorstep and local knowledge ensures that you hit the right ones according to winds, tide and swell. I'll never forget my time at Playgrounds and the wonderful people with whom I shared this experience!"

Jon Evans - July 2023

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