Terms & Conditions

Initial Booking: Secure your surf adventure with a $500 USD non-refundable deposit.

Finalizing Your Trip: Full payment is due 90 days before you catch your first wave with us.

Simplified Payments:

How to Pay: Use our convenient online booking system for all transactions.

Flexible Cancellation Terms:

Plan Changes: Cancel up to 90 days before arrival. The deposit remains non-refundable, but we’ll refund the rest.

Unforeseen Circumstances: No refunds for early departures, weather changes, or surf conditions.

Global Uncertainties: Refunds exclude cancellations due to political situations, unless they directly affect our operation.

Compliance Matters: Adhere to Indonesia’s Entry Guidelines and airline policies; non-compliance means no refunds.

Your Safety and Responsibility:

Insurance First: All guests must present travel insurance before setting off to Playground Surf Resort.

Health and Baggage: We care, but can’t be responsible for health issues from the environment or airline baggage troubles.

Inherent Risks: Embrace the adventure, but remember, you’re participating at your own risk.

Privacy and Your Data:

Your Information: We use it only for updates about your trip and keep it secure from third parties.

Policy Updates: We might change our privacy policy, but we’ll always keep you in the loop.

Before You Depart:

Insurance: Mandatory for all. Our partners can help you choose the best option.

Travel Documents: Check your passport and visa requirements.

Flight Plans: Get our team’s nod on your flight itinerary.

Health Advisory: While we provide the fun, we’re not liable for health issues due to environmental factors.

Booking Confirmation Equals Agreement:

By finalizing your booking with Playground Surf Resort, you’re saying ‘yes’ to these terms. Got questions? We’re here to clarify and help.